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Welcome to Smith Upper Cervical Chiropractic!

Located in Huntington Beach, CA the leading health professionals at Smith Upper Cervical Chiropractic are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives -- combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum. Dr. Roger Smith is committed to bringing you better health and a better way of life by teaching and practicing the true principles of Upper Cervical Chiropractic wellness care right here in Orange County.

Patients seeking care at Smith Upper Cervical Chiropractic with Dr. Roger Smith are assured of receiving only the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment, technology and a gentle, specific adjustment that does not involve any twisting, popping or pulling. Dr. Roger Smith and the staff have a genuine concern for your well-being!

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In Dr. Smith's office state of art analysis and treatment of your health problems are addressed.  Dr. Smith's unique approach to correcting the cause of your problem and not just treating your symptoms allows for true healing and eventually health.  The technique that Dr. Smith utilizes is called Blair Chiropractic.  Blair Chiropractic is the only technique that takes into account the unique and individual aspects of each persons spine and uses these differences to make a treatment plan personalized to your body.  Since Dr. Smith's analysis and treatment is so specific several important points should be illustrated:




Dr. Smith is a brain stem Specialist with over 16 years of experience helping serious cases get well.  If you have been on the referral merry-go-round with no results you owe it to yourself to give Dr. Smith's unique approach a try.  We work to restore your health naturally and guide you in a personalized approach to overall wellness through Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Spinal Health Care, exercise, good nutrition and stress management. 

Dr. Smith follows several chiropractic healing principles:

1.  The human body is a self healing, self regulating organism that is run by the Central Nervous System (the brain and spinal cord).  In other words, the nerves in your body control every single thing that happens in your body and we are born to be healthy.

2.  There CAN be blockages to the flow of normal nerve impulses when the bones of the spine get bumped, knocked or wrenched out of place.  This is particularly true of the top two bones that protect the Brain Stem.  When they are out of alignment the pressures can block nerve flow by as much as half.  Though you may not even have any pain in your neck this WILL cause pain and symptoms to follow some where in the body.  Basically, if a bone is out of place it can begin to interfere with the nerve messages and this destroys your health.

3.  By adjusting these blockages and restoring nerve supply, the body has the ability to HEAL itself.  And, if kept free from this interference, it can allow individuals to EXPRESS their full HEALTH POTENTIAL.


Headaches Neck Pain Back Pain
Fibromyalgia Allergies Ringing in Ears
Arthritis Low Back Pain Pain in Shoulders
Muscle Spasms Fatigue Tingling in Arms
P.M.S. Scoliosis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Dizziness Sciatica Nervousness
Sinus Infections Stiffness Difficulty Sleeping
Migraine Headaches Multiple Sclerosis Ear Infections
ADD / ADHD Vertigo Menstrual Problems
Swollen Knees Herniated Discs Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Tingling & Numbness Depression Asthma
Trigeminal Neuralgia Constipation Breathing Difficulties
Arm Pain Leg Pain Athletic Injuries
Attention Deficit Disorder Digestive Difficulty Bed Wetting
Cerebral Palsy Chronic Infections Epileptic Seizures
Child Development Problems Female Disorders Fever
Flu Symptoms Frequent Colds Hay Fever
Herniated Disc High Blood Pressure Hip Pain
Hyperactivity Indigestion Infertility
Immune System Deficiency Knee Pain Learning Disabilities
Loss of Sleep Pain (Chronic) Poor Vision
Neuralgia Neuritis Numbness
Restlessness Sore Throat Tendinitis
Tight Muscles Tingling Sensations T.M.J. Syndrome
Whiplash Tourett's Syndrome Bell's Palsy
Cerebral Palsy Spinal Fusions Spinal Surgeries
Foot Pain Poor Posture Increase Immune Function
Torticollis Meniere's Disease Autism
Pinched Nerve Disc Herniation's Frozen Shoulders
Disc Bulges Vaccine Reactions Anxiety / Phobia
Parkinson's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Bursitis
Bipolar Disorder Heartburn Indigestion
Hyperactivity Thyroid Disorders Tennis Elbow
And Many More...

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Smith to discuss with him your particular symptoms and determine if you may be a candidate for relief.

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My pain is gone! I had resolved myself that this nagging, chronic pain in my neck and shoulders was simply "part of life". Thanks to Dr. Smith's precision Upper Cervical adjustments I am pain free! Many thanks to your mindful approach to the health and well being of your patients.

Jo Dawson
Huntington Beach, CA

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